Growing Our Own – Part 3

June 3 2019

One of the most remarkable things about our four cannabis seedlings is that they already smell like cannabis. Besides that they’re doing really well. They seem to be at various stages of growth with the tallest plant having eight leaf nodes and the shortest having five. The plant with five nodes is the one that was damaged early on, it’s growing slower but growing none the less, even doing very well.

There is still a small issue of some stretching, we’ll rectify this once we transplant these seedlings into a larger pot and plant some of the stem under the soil, allowing the stem to produce roots. We seem to have our watering schedule down and the leaves of all seedlings are growing fat and uncurled. The leaves of the damaged plant do seem to be a little wrinkled, we think this is because the stem has been gently taped to a support stick and it has caused the plant to grow under more stress than the others. Hopefully once we transplant all of the seedlings this issue will also resolve itself.

The weather still isn’t being very friendly but we are able to put the plants outside a couple of times per week when there is warmth and sun. We’re very excited for the real warmth and sunshine of summer and I’m sure the plants are looking forward to that as well.

Stay tuned for our next update!

August 27 2019

A lot has happened since we penned the article above. We’ve lost three of the plants to various actions and factors but have one fine looking plant that has begun to bud and we’re happy as heck!.

We lost two plants not long after the June 3rd update. While transplanting to another – larger – pot, some of the dirt collapsed from around the roots and while we tried desperately to replant the small saplings they just didn’t take once they had been de-soiled (that sounds naughty).

We then had two plants that were growing quite well and seemed to be headed to a bright buddy future until we noticed that one was growing some small sacks that just didn’t look quite right. After some internet research we decided that this plant was a male and was producing the beginnings of pollen sacks. Needless to say this fella had to go and was cut down immediately once the decision as to it’s sex was made.

You can see the pollen sacks forming on this male cannabis plant

Now we have one plant, definitely a female (she has the hallmark white filaments/hairs as well as no pollen sacks) and she’s beginning to flower. Shes not very tall, we have some concerns over the soil we’ve used and it’s overall quality. We’ll save our list of lessons we’ve learned for the final post of this series but one thing we’ve learned is to start early with seeds, that may be another reason our plant is short, she wasn’t started soon enough. This plant is also the plant that was slightly damaged and was taped to a support stick as a small sapling. She seems to have turned out to be the hardiest of the lot.

We recently defoliated (removed the large fan leaves from) the lower portion of our plant, as per the advice and instruction here, in order to optimize bud yield and tied the plant gently to a stake to offer support for the stem as it grows buds. We’re really looking forward to the flowers this plant looks to be producing.

Stay tuned for what will likely be our last post (although we may post with an update to bud formation … We’ll see how excited we get! lol) in the Grow Our Own series for 2019. We’ll be harvesting what our plant has given us and tying the series together with a synopsis of things we learned, will do the same next time and things we’ll do differently for our 2020 Grow Our Own series.

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