Adventures to Ganjika House

After our fun road trip to the Hello Cannabis grand opening in Dundas, Ontario, we wanted to travel a bit closer to home and expand our shopping experiences with OCS-approved retail locations. After deciding on Ganjika House in Brampton, Ontario, as our next stop, we hopped in the car and headed off to see what this local spot had in store for us.

The exterior windows of the Ganjika House are draped in stylish, colourful blue and gold decals with kind sayings (like “Speak with truth”) and interesting mathematical mandalas and symbols. This style followed us inside where we found rich wooden tables lined with various strains of cannabis. A quiet sitting area with chairs and a beautiful wooden mandala was tucked off to the side for customers who needed some time to contemplate their purchase.

The cannabis strains are organized by genotype, with Indicas (mostly) on one table, Sativas on another, and a table topped with well-known Hybrids. Each strain has a plaque informing the customer of all the basics: THC content, CBD content and the Licensed Producer responsible for the plant’s growth. Each strain also has a sample in a small plastic container that allows you to see the buds and smell them. This seems to be the de rigueur at cannabis shops and we appreciate the opportunity to get close to the nuggets and use our senses to help us make a purchasing decision.

K’s experience

This is a classic “you can’t judge a book by its cover” scenario – you would never know the interior beauty that was behind the walls of Ganjika House. The rich jewel tones of the walls and decor made my shopping experience feel luxurious, even though the products and prices are (more or less) the same at every other retail store. I also loved that they had sensory boxes – I tend to find it slightly overwhelming having to read the details about each and every strain, and with 36 strains out on display, having the added ability to smell and see the product helped me narrow down my selection. Although there was a steady stream of customers for a weekday evening, there was still plenty of room for me to move around and explore the strains freely. My final purchase: a Sativa strain by MedReleaf called Cabaret

F’s experience

The Ganjika House was packed the day we visited (you can’t tell by the photos) but the lines were kept moving and customers were dealt with efficiently. I’m betting that being the only shop around (due to some local municipalities opting out of cannabis retail) will keep the Ganjika House hopping for years to come.

The exterior aesthetic is simple and underwhelming but inside is beautiful and inviting. The live edge display tables are solid and at a decent height for my 6 feet 4 inches. There were nice selections of Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids. The order process was smooth and we weren’t in the store any longer than necessary. I’m looking forward to returning to replenish my Sativa supply.

I still find myself in a dreamy state being in a store, legally buying weed after all these years of prohibition. I hope that feeling doesn’t go away – it’s great!

Being so close to us and having the appeal of not being in the busy downtown Toronto core, we can see the Ganjika House quickly becoming our go-to retail shop when we need a quick gram or two.

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