Growing Our Own – Part 2

The past couple of weeks have definitely been a bit of a roller coaster ride for us and our cannabis plants (read Part 1 here). The weather has only recently started to warm up and have some sunlight with any longevity. This caused some obvious stress to the plants and taught us a lesson in preparedness.

Our seedlings were transplanted from the fiber pots sooner than weed have liked due to some stretching caused by a lack of sunlight (and decent artificial light…one of our lessons in preparedness right there). Regardless of their premature transplant they did very well at first and seemed to thrive in the larger pot.

Just sprouted from the earth

This state of doing well has been the norm until just recently when the plants began to show signs of stress again, specifically stretching. We’ve had some difficulty finding a way to support the stem of the plant without damaging the stem. One did get some damage during an attempt to provide some support, we’ll see how that girl does and if she’s able to repair the damage over time.

A little bit bigger

We did devise an okay way to support the seedling’s stem without applying too much pressure and potentially damaging it.

Small staking option

The weather seems to be more cannabis-friendly lately and we’ve been taking advantage of the sunlight and warm air, moving our seedlings outdoors and in when it seems appropriate.

We’re looking forward to transplanting these seedlings again to what hopefully will be their final pot. We’ll bury the stems again so the stretching issue won’t be as obvious. Apparently the stem will convert to growing roots once it’s been buried so that’s promising.

Just yesterday we noticed the seedlings seem wilted and possibly under-watered. We’ve read online about watering and found some good sites. Particularly relevant were Leafly and an article at I Love Growing Marijuana. We’ve altered our watering program and are keeping track more accurately of watering and it’s effects on the soil and plant.

Slightly wilted leaves

Stay tuned for our Part 3 and remember to Be Kine.

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