Growing Our Own – Part 1

Ever since cannabis legalization in 2018, we’ve been itching to grow our first legal plants (K’s first plants ever!). Now that spring has sprung we’ve started our seeds and are eagerly waiting to transplant them from their tissue paper nursery to their first dirt home. We’re taking advantage of the four plants per household law and growing exactly that many plants. We’ve chosen Blueberry as our first strain for a number of reasons, the biggest of which being that it’s been one of F’s favorite strains for many years and it will be a good starting point to judge our growing skills.

Look at us go!

We started the seeds two nights ago, tucking them into some moistened paper towel and stored them in a cupboard to promote germination. It took about a day to show any sign of sprouting and so far two of four have shot out their little legs and are nearly ready to be transplanted to some dirt.

As our soil has been outside all winter, we’ve prepared the fiber pots by giving the soil a chance to warm up (we don’t want to shock the wee little seedlings when it’s their time for dirt). We’ve mixed in some worm castings from Gro4 Organics and topped up some small fiber pots. When the seedlings are ready for transplant they’ll be moved to these and kept out of direct sun until their first sets of real leaves appear. These fiber pots can be transplanted directly into a larger pot without having to remove the pot – it just goes right into the soil.

Dirt and worm casting blend

We can’t wait to watch these little guys grow. Stay tuned and we’ll update you on the story of our first cannabis plants!

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